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Written by the CEO and Founder of - Politics Simplified!
#1 International Bestseller
"The intelligent consumer's 7-step guide to improve your community, influence your country, & impact the world"
Focus On Your Issues,
Not The Candidate
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John Thibault
Author of "How to Change a Law," CEO/Founder of 
How To Fight Big Money in DC with Crowd Funding
In - How to Change a Law - I reveal the simple 7-step guide you can use to change any law at a local, state, and federal level. Washington, DC isn't broken, but the average person cannot play at the same level as the top one tenth of the one percent. 

Have you ever wondered how big companies get the exact laws passed that they want? The answer is highly paid lobbyists. Obviously, the average consumer or small business owner can't afford to hire a lobbyist for $500,000 but with crowd funding, lobbying can be brought to the masses. 

Now, I want to give you the same power that big corporations and the wealthy elite have, so I'm discounting my book. Inside this book you will learn how to use this revolutionary new crowd funding platform to: improve your community, influence your country, and impact the world.

This is Politics - Simplified.

"This is what people have been looking for...a voice. The ability to track, share, debate and educate on issues and the needs of our country is really awesome."

- Jill B. (OR-02) Constituent # 1154898A

"I love the idea. The challenge now is to bridge the process of constructing these bridges between self-initiative and government action."

- Asher F. Constituent # 839271A

"II think this site is definitely made to benefit the silent majority."

- Cameron L. (NY-20)

"I am a small businessman. I like the empowerment of each individual to believe his or her voice is heard."

- Barry S. (FL-08) Constituent # 363256C
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